The Somali knight who conquered most of the Thin World

The Somali knight who conquered most of the Thin World

The date is Saturday, August 11, 2012. The four-yearly Games coincide with the Olympic Games, the grandest event in the sport, and the world. On the evening of August 11, the 80,000 sports fans gathered at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Stadium in London to hear the voices of all.

All these incentives, as well as all these blessings, were directed at a slender fast bowler who was finishing his eleventh match at the London track.

He is not just a number but the greatest player to ever emerge from Great Britain.

Born in Somalia, facing the Indian Ocean on the one hand and Ethiopia and Kenya on the other, it was one of the longest runners of this century.

Somali birth

Africa is home to many of the world’s longest-distance runners. If you are a world record holder or Olympic record holder in long distance events, you will find that Kenyan and Ethiopian runners own many of those records. The scientific opinion is that their bitter life and difficult lifestyle may have contributed to this professional drive later on. This is also common to Mo Farah in Great Britain. Farah won the Olympic medal for Great Britain, but was born on March 23, 1983, in Mogadishu, Somalia. His father, Mukhtar Farah, was born in Britain and later worked at the Heathrow Airport, while his mother was a Somali woman. Mo and Hassan are twin brothers in a family of six children.

Somalia has been plagued by insurgency since independence in 1960. Ordinary people have always been severely beaten by the unstable state rule. They are considered one of the five poorest countries in the world. When Mo Farah was a child, he and one of his brothers emigrated to England with their father, Mukta Farah, as a result of an internal conflict in the Somali administration in the early 1990s. His twin brother and other siblings stayed in Somalia with their grandmother. He and his twin brother separated in 1992.

Life in Great Britain

Mo Farah came to London in 1992 as an eight-year-old boy and began living with his father’s sister. He first attended Isleworth and Synon School in West London and did not have much ability to learn. In the early days of his arrival from Somalia, he had difficulty knowing the English language. His innate football prowess enabled Mo Farah to become an outstanding player at school. His childhood dream was to become a professional footballer. Everything changes when the school’s physical education teacher, Alan Watkinson, sees this slim African-looking teenager.

“He wanted to be a footballer. Yes !! He’s a good footballer, but he’s more suitable for racing,” said Alan Watkinson, a physical education teacher.

Since 1996 he has been involved in long distance training in athletics. Because of his body shape and endurance, he is well suited for long distance racing. In 1997, under the guidance of Alan Watkinson, Mo Farah was sent to a training camp for newcomer athletes in Florida. Farah told him that at the end of the training session he would come back and meet Alan Watkinson.

“Now I know this is what I want to do.” He said he should continue to focus on long-distance running, not football.

Exciting racing life

At the age of 15, Mo Farah won a marathon between schools in Britain in 1998, and in 2001 in Italy he set the European junior time of 14.09.09 (14:09:91) for the 5000m event. Won the championship. It was with this that he began to receive world-class critical attention. As mentioned earlier, Mo Farah never intended to invade Great Britain, dominating the long distance races held by African runners.

By nature he is an athlete with a strong commitment to his career. Mo Farah, who leaves his family for a short time as a special tournament approaches, is an athlete who focuses his attention on training. He regularly attends training sessions with Kenyan and Ethiopian drivers.

Training on a 270 m high track

Prior to the 2018 London Marathon, he also trained with a team of Ethiopian runners at the Suluta Outdoor Race in Ethiopia, about 2,700 meters above sea level. Mo Farah also finished third in the marathon with a time of two hours, six minutes and twenty-one seconds (2: 06: 21).

He competed in the 5000m at the 2007 World Championships in Osaka, Japan, finishing sixth in the final. At the Beijing Olympics in Nawada, he finished 17th ahead of the militant African runners. Following the defeat at the 2009 World Championships, he selected Alberto Salazar as his coach and began training in Poland for the London Olympics with his coach, Galen Rapp.

Invasion of London

2012 was a time when the whole of Britain was in a frenzy of joy. The reason is that the London Olympics have been held since 1948. They had previously hosted the 1908 Olympics.

The 27th Olympic Games began on July 27 under the official patronage of the Queen of England, and August 8, the eighth day of the Games, became British National Day. The reason is that the final of the 10,000 meters event will be held on that day and Mo Farah of Great Britain will be competing for it.

Mo Farah won his first gold medal in 27 minutes 34.4 seconds, taking the lead at the end of 25 laps in the crowd of 80,000. Its silver medal went to Mo Farah’s coaching assistant Galen Rap.

A week later he became the British champion at the London Olympics, finishing in the 5000m in a time of forty-one seconds and forty-five seconds. He is very competitive in the final round and the final 100m run in every event was exceptional.

Preservation of the crown

After the London victory, Mo Farah was the target of all African racers. They first challenged him a year after the London Games in Moscow, Russia. He easily won the 2013 Moscow World Championships and two years later won both the 5000m and 10,000m events again in Beijing, China. As he prepares for the Rio Olympics, he has won ten major events in the last six years.

His next stop was the Olympic Games in Brazil. Although Mo Farah competed in a competition of talented Kenyan and Ethiopian runners to win gold medals in both the 10,000 and 5000 meters at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Here, in the tenth round of the 10,000m event, he fell to the ground after being hit by his own training partner and returned to the race for victory. It was a highlight of the match.

” Sir Mo farah ” 

With this victory of Mo Farah, he was able to show the rare skill known as Double-Double in athletics. After the Rio victory, Mo Farah became known as Britain’s greatest athlete.

He turned to marathon running in 2017 and won the 2018 Chicago Marathon. He also easily won the 2018 London Half Marathon. Mo Farah had been training in West London for the Tokyo Olympics. It was his last Olympics.

Farah is helping a large number of Somali children through his “Mo Farah Foundation”. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II of England in 2017 for his service to British athletics over the past decade.

Title presented. That is why he is known today as “Sir Mo Farah”. Born in Somalia, Mohamed Farah alias Mo Farah, a knight in Great Britain, has proved to the world that the limits of commitment and determination are limitless.

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