The mystery of Bruce Lee’s death

The mystery of Bruce Lee’s death

Bruce Lee, a world – renowned filmmaker, martial artist, film director, and philosopher, was born on November 27, 1940, and died on July 20, 1973.

He died about two months later, on May 10, from an accident involving brain damage from a fall. After being taken to hospital with epilepsy and headaches, doctors said he had suffered minor brain damage. Bruce Lee died two months later of a recurrence of a headache caused by an allergy to the drug. However, there are many theories regarding his death.

That it was a murder committed by the Triad organization in China

Bruce Lee’s death is believed to be the work of a criminal organization called Triad, which operates in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Chinese – majority countries. According to that view, his death occurred just months before it was announced to the world. He is believed to have survived an earlier attempt to oust him following Mr Jiang’s intervention.

A victim of Chinese self-defense fighters?

Wing Chun and Kung Fu are considered martial arts with a special place in Chinese culture and society. They also have their own Chinese secrets and tactics. By the 1970s, they were taught not to foreigners or outsiders, but to China and its allies. He is believed to have been assassinated by Chinese Wing Chun fighters and Kung Fu fighters. It is suspected that Bruce Lee taught the West the secrets of this martial art.

An Italian mafia assassination?

This is the most popular opinion in Hong Kong. The reason is that Bruce Lee refuses to make his future creations, as the Italian mafia group planned and ordered him to do. He thus refused to produce, direct, write, or act according to the Italian mafia’s plans. There is a public opinion that Lee was killed by the mafia due to the hatred caused by this.

Murdering a prostitute?

According to this view, Lee sexually abused a prostitute under the influence of an insecticide he had obtained. It is suspected that she killed Lee with the intention of escaping from him. But there is a great deal of debate about this suspicion. This is due to Lee’s speed, skill and mastery of the martial arts of Kung Fu and Wing Chun.

Does your best friend share?

There is another opinion that Betty Ting, who is considered to be Lee’s film friend, is involved in this death. She also became Lee’s closest friend. It is suspected that she was used for this purpose by a secret organization in China. But no one has been able to give a definite reason as to why they did so.

On medical

The above suspicions spread among the people and created a lot of controversy around Lee’s death. However, his autopsy and medical examination revealed that he had taken a drug for headache, which he had previously mixed with marijuana, which caused a reaction and an allergy.

His wife, Linda Lee, also said that Bruce Lee regularly used hashish. At the time of Lee’s death, his body weight had dropped significantly due to his continued use of the drug. He is said to have disregarded doctors’ advice not to use the drug.

However, the cause of death was an allergy to a drug he had taken.

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