Secrets of Bill Gates, the world’s richest man and the founder of Windows!

Secrets of Bill Gates, the world’s richest man and the founder of Windows!

Bill Gates is a familiar name to many. He is the founder of the world famous Microsoft company. Bill Gates was born into a well-educated family. But they are not computer programmers. Not engineers, not technicians. But how did Bill Gates become a hacker?

His father was a lawmaker. He is a successful person. The mother is a teacher. But as a teenager, Bill fell in love with books and dreamed of starting his own business or company. One could say that his childhood dream was the beginning. But how many dreams do little children have? So what happened next.

How did Bill become a computer hero?

Bill Gates first saw a computer when he was 13 years old. That was at his school. The school had decided to charge a fee for using the computer. So Bill, who used to use the school computer frequently, hacked the computer so that he could use it for free when he had no money. He was expelled from school for that mistake. But the principal of the school was amazed at his ability and appointed Bill Gates to troubleshoot the computer. This is the beginning of this computer hero.

Being an active and intelligent young man ..

He scored 1590 out of 1600 in the school’s final exam and was selected for Harvard University. One day while reading a technology magazine at the university, Bill Gates came across an advertisement for a new computer. He called Altair, which published the ad, and said he had a programming language compatible with the new computer. He also agreed to sell the language to a computer manufacturer. But he did not have such a computer language. He was getting ready to start work in a hurry. The computer company also agreed to buy his design.

Working day and night ..

Sitting down with Paul, a friend of Bill’s from school, Bill began writing the computer language he had agreed to sell. Bill himself coded more than 50% of this computer language, which was created using computers at Harvard University. He coded from the computer all day and slept at the computer desk. He woke up in the morning and resumed where he had left off the day before.

Paying more attention to ownership.

As soon as the work was completed, he moved to Mexico with this new computer language called BASIC. He sold his computer language to Altair for $ 3,000 and did not forget to own the BASIC computer language. He may have thought that the decision would be important in the future.

Dreaming about the future ..

Five years later, when asked if IBM had created an operating system for computers, Bill quickly said yes. But he never thought of a computer operating system. So he hopes to buy an operating system. In Seattle he meets a man who created an operating system. Bill Gates buys the operating system from that person and sells it to IBM at a higher price. It is the DOS operating system. But he does not forget to keep the rights to himself. IBM doesn’t even ask about it. Because in those days the average person would not spend money on software. But we expect potential market bills for software.

Joining Apple ..

This time, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs comes to the fore. He wants Bill Gates to create a new computer program. A program with visual interfaces that we are currently using. That is, to create an operating system with graphics instead of the DOS operating system with black and white characters. Bill Gates comes to Apple for this. Apple is in charge of the team. But Steve is not satisfied with Bill’s team or Bill’s work. But Bill secretly creates his own program.

Introducing the visual interface.

But Bill doesn’t want to spend his whole life on Steve Jobs’ ideas. Ideas really don’t make sense until the ideas are put into action. Steve got his idea for the interface designed for Apple from a new company called Xerox. In the fullest sense of the word, Steve is preparing to make his own appearance. So Bill Gates steals the visual interface that Steve stole from Xerox while he was at Apple. He calls it Windows.

Being a tough person ..

Steve gets angry as soon as he hears about Windows. He scolds Bill Gates in front of Apple employees. But Bill, who doesn’t care, replies, “We both copied in one place.” Bill leaves Apple. Launches its own Windows operating system. Every home has a computer with a Windows operating system. Apple is going bankrupt and Microsoft, the Windows operating system, is developing rapidly. Bill Gates, 39, is the richest man in the world.

He is now 58 years old. Married. I have three children. But with $ 76 billion in assets, he is still the richest man in the world. He is said to have lived at least 218 years to spend his current fortune ..!

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