His name is Michael Jackson (king of pop)

His name is Michael Jackson (king of pop)

Michael Jackson (1958 – 2009) was a black American pop singer.

He is a dancer, songwriter and actor. After the death of the late American super rock singer Elves Presley (1935 – 1977), Jackson became the “King of Pop” in the twentieth century. Second to none, he is a world-renowned pop singer with a dance style. From an early age he formed a band called Jackson Five with four brothers in the family and came to the public stage under the strict discipline of his father. He was also the lead singer of the band.

1985-1995 was the golden age of Jackson’s personal and professional life. His albums and video albums have sold millions of new records worldwide. His songs have been at the top of the world charts for months. His concerts were organized two or three years ago. Tickets for his concerts sold out like hot cakes a few months before the concerts. Many considered watching his live concert a lifetime privilege. As soon as he entered the stage live, most of the audience were unconscious, mainly young women. In short, the “Michael Jackson craze” has spread to every corner of the globe. His T-shirt and his photos have sold millions around the world. Young people all over the world loved his hairstyle as well as his pants style. Maybe there was someone else in the world like him, but he inevitably became a prominent figure in that society.

Jackson has won the World Graham Award for many years. He raised millions of dollars for a television program. He also worked as a “brand ambassador” for Papcicola Beverages for a number of years. Such a large sum of money is unimaginable for any other artist in the world. He travels to any country in the world for a personal or professional purpose. Thousands flocked to see him, to take a picture of him, to touch his body, and to receive his autograph as a memento.

Jackson is said to have had a unique set of behaviors related to personal and professional life. He created his own unique styles and spent millions of dollars on them. Many of his most extravagant styles were created using the world’s most expensive white gold, gold, diamonds and pearls. He designed his right gloves using the single pearls he used for the concert stage. He had a large number of costume designers and makeup artists. He paid special attention to his personality and attractiveness on the concert stage.

Jackson had several large mansions with large backgrounds in several prominent states in the United States. In every one of those big mansions. A common feature is the presence of an indoor theater with a very elegant background and a large stage.

Moreover, Jackson was a man who paid special attention to his profession and its reputation. He is said to have rehearsed 100 to 150 times for any song he sang and any dance associated with it.

He used the world’s highest and most advanced technology for his concert stage. His band and other performers numbered between 500 and 750. Among them were industrial engineers, stage designers, technicians, dancers and personal bodyguards.

Among his many hobbies, his main hobby was collecting antiquities from around the world. His artifacts are said to include ancient Egyptian mothers. He spent millions of dollars on it and he loved animals. He spent millions of dollars to buy his favorite animals. It is said that he had a separate zoo in his luxury mansion, Neverland.

Jackson was a man who loved the green environment of trees. He explained it in his songs. His immortal song Heal the World is a good example of this.

Jackson’s community service programs have been active around the world, with a special focus on hunger and health, especially among the poorest children on the African continent. He paid millions of dollars for it.

Jackson is a former superhero of the world

Despite being a star, his life was full of stress and unnecessary problems. These include his hair catching fire due to an electrical leak during a concert, divorce from two failed marriages (including the controversial Lisa Marie Presley) and child abuse charges.

Jackson, a father of three, is said to have been a father to his children in the fullest sense of the word. Named after Paris Jackson, Guri Indiana United Jackson, and Michael Joseph Jackson, they were children who were loved by their father until his father’s untimely death.

Loka Shresh est, who turned the concert stage in the history of world music upside down, died of a heart attack on June 25, 2009 at his home during a pre-dance rehearsal. Thousands of people were shocked.

Michael Jackson’s albums are as follows:

Off the Wall – 1978, Adventure – 1982, Bad

– 1987, Horror – 1991, History – 1995, Invisible – 2001, Escape – 2014

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