A series of unheard of stories about Donald Bradman

A series of unheard of stories about Donald Bradman

Sir Donald George Bradman is arguably the greatest batsman in the history of cricket. Donald George Bradman was born on August 27, 1908, in Borrell, New South Wales, Australia. From an early age, Bradman had a keen interest in sports such as cricket, tennis, and football. So he used to throw a golf ball into the water tank near the house and hit it with a wicket stick when it came back to him. Little Bradman, who played like that at the time, later became the greatest batsman in the history of Test cricket as a result of many great sacrifices. If so, let me tell you a few infamous stories about the great Bradman.

The innings that gave life to Bradman’s cricket career

Bradman went with his father to watch the Test match at the Sydney Cricket Ground during the 1920/21 Ashes because of his love for cricket. Australia were all out for 89 in their first innings while England scored 204 in the first innings. Charles McCartney, who was playing a superb innings for Australia at the time, scored 170 off 227 balls with 20 fours. Bradman was amazed at McCartney’s excellent innings at the time, so he told his father that he would one day score a century in Sydney like McCartney.

How to get a double century with the help of a chimney

By 1925, Bradman Boral had become a regular member of the urban cricket team. A few days before Christmas that year, Bradman took part in a cricket match with the Wingello team. Bill O’Reilly, who later represented Australia, was one of the strongest players on the Winglo team to win the 1924 Tom Mack Trophy. Shortly after the start of the match, Bradman returned to his usual rhythm and Winglow skipper Selby Jeffrey handed the ball to his strongest bowler, Riley.

It was not uncommon for Captain Jeffrey, who usually guarded the ball on the slip, to smoke lightly and play. As soon as Riley started bowling, as Jeffrey was about to light his chimney, Bradman was lucky to stay on the wicket as he missed a catch that came at him with lightning speed. After that, while Bradman was calmly hitting the ball, another catch given to Jeffrey was thrown away from him by the smoke from the chimney. At the end of the day, Bradman scored an unbeaten 234, losing both of Jeffrey’s catches.

The wonderful leader who never let Bradman burn

At the end of the first four Tests of the 1930 England-Australia Ashes, Bradman’s name became known throughout England. Bradman Headingley scored 334 in the first innings of that Test match. That was the highest score by a batsman in that 334 Test innings during that period.

Three days after the end of the fourth Test on July 29, 1930, a practice match was played between Australia and Glamorgan State. The Glamorgan team was later led by Maurice Turnbull. Batting first, Australia were all out for 95 in their first two overs. Donald Bradman and Stan McCabe then joined the fray, batting well against the Glamorgan bowlers.

As the first day of the match drew to a close, Bradman looked to score his half-century. But at that moment, a bowler named Die Davis was bowling successfully against Bradman. At the time, Glamorgan captain was convinced that Bradman was facing some difficulty with his balls. So he decided to remove Day Davis from the bowling.

Successful bowling against Bradman

Surprised at his captain’s decision, Davis approached him and said, “I’m going to burn Bradman next season. Let me continue to bowl.” Turnbull later told Davis, “We are at a disadvantage from burning Bradman at this point. There is no doubt that a large number of people will come to see Bradman’s performances tomorrow due to a holiday.

Bradman scored his half-century that day after Day Davis left the inning. At the same time the first day of the match was over. At the start of the second day, St. Helens Stadium in Swansea was packed with spectators. They had come to see Bradman’s prowess, as the then Glamorgan leader had hoped. Bradman, who scored 58 in the morning on the second day, was knocked out, disappointing thousands of spectators. On the second day of the match, Bradman failed, but Turnbull’s tactics worked.

Tony Greig embarrassed in front of Bradman

Tony’s father, Sandy Greig, a Scotsman, is one of Bradman’s favorites. So when he talked about Bradman, he didn’t even let the family talk about anything else. Sandy, one of Bradman’s best fans, advised his son to remember all the advice he gave after meeting Bradman when he first visited Australia. But at the time, Greg Bradman was only in blurred photographs, so he had no clear idea of ​​Bradman’s true appearance.

During this trip, Tony, Ackerman and Hilton first landed in Perth, Australia. It was well past midnight when they landed, but the Perth Cricket Association welcomed them and took them to the restaurant. Tony and the group were very pleased with the special care given by the association. Satisfied with the warm welcome in Perth, Tony and his entourage later returned to Adelaide. There Tony and his friends had a great desire to learn about the Australian environment and people. As they waited impatiently for the Cricet authorities to arrive in Adelaide, a man wearing dark glasses and a sweater came and announced that Tony and his friends were welcome in Adelaide.

At that point, the guest appeared to the group, including Tony, as someone they should not have met. The man then invited Tony and his colleagues to drink coffee. Considering that drinking coffee with a sports fan was not enough, Tony and his friends gave him his luggage and went to the bathroom to try to escape. But like the previous one, all three felt sorry for the poor cricket fan and decided to have coffee with him. Accordingly, the guest took Tony and friends to a table with two of his colleagues for coffee.

Shame on Tony for running away

While drinking coffee, the guest and two others talked in depth about the game of cricket. Tony and his team understood from what they said that all three of them had a good understanding of the game of cricket. So Tony kindly asked the man who was wearing the sweater if he had anything to do with cricket in the area. Then the man laughed and said nothing. After a series of conversations, Tony realized that the visitor and his two colleagues were dealing with cricket in the Adelaide area. Tony thought the three of them were talking about what the cricket club at the airport should be.

Sir Tony was lucky enough to enter the restaurant door while Sir Garfield Sobers was rushing towards them while Tony was asking obscene questions from the man wearing the sweater. There Sobers first approached the man wearing the sweater and first asked him how Sir Donald Bradman was doing. AfterSobers said that, Tony felt too embarrassed to flee, but there was a smile on his face because he had nothing else to do. Although Tony Bradman acted like a fool that day, Hilton and Ackerman remained silent throughout the conversation, as they had done before. Although Tony behaved like a fool at the time, Bradman endured it all because of the wonderful humility he possessed with a smiling face.

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