15 Unknown Facts About Queen Elizabeth II

15 Unknown Facts About Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II went down in history as the world’s longest-serving monarch. Read this post about those who ruled Britain for a long time. Born in 1926 to the then Duchess and Duchess of York (later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth) Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, Queen Elizabeth II had another sister, Margaret.

The longest reigning king in the world

As you all know, from the moment she worked as a truck driver during World War II to the present day, she has been able to win a lot of public attention. Some of the lesser known facts about Queen Elizabeth II are that most people know about her general information.

Nicknames of the Queen

Queen Elizabeth II’s nicknames include ‘Lilliput’ and ‘Cabbage’. She was nicknamed ‘Lilibath’ because she had difficulty pronouncing the name Elizabeth as a child. Accordingly, when she was a child, her relatives used the name ‘Lilibath’ as a nickname. In addition, the Queen’s husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, introduced his wife by the nickname ‘Goa’.

Obtaining an Education

From birth she lived in the midst of all the comforts but she had an insatiable desire to learn. So she studied constitutional history and law. The best advisers on those subjects in Britain at the time came home and taught the Queen. She is said to have studied those subjects in preparation for her future roles. In addition to those subjects, she also learned religion from the Bishop of Canterbury.

Joining the Second World War

During World War II, she served in the Army as a truck driver and technician. She went down in history as the first member of the British royal family to join the army as an active member.

Meeting Prince Philip

Her husband, Prince Philip, and the Queen first met when she was 8 years old. Although attending many ceremonies attended by young children, the two are said to have officially met in 1934 at the wedding of Princess Marina of Greece and Prince George, Duke of Kent.

Language ability

As a child, Queen Elizabeth II learned to speak French in countries such as France and Belgium. She often speaks French while touring those countries, and in 2014 she surprised many by speaking French at a state banquet. She speaks French in French-speaking areas of Canada and when speaking with heads of state and ambassadors.

Driving license

Around 1945, Queen Elizabeth learned to drive, and she was able to drive without a driver’s license. It is also important to note that she does not need a passport. All passports in Great Britain are issued in the name of the Queen, so she does not need to obtain a passport.


Queen Elizabeth receives between 200 and 300 letters a day, with an estimated 70,000 letters a year. She chooses some of them for personal reading and the rest of the articles are read by her staff members. The Queen also responds to special letters with her signature, many of which are signed by members of her staff. There are people around the world who send her letters regularly, and it is reported that the Queen has answered many such questions in Sri Lanka as well. The Queen is also reported to have taken a keen interest in the letters.

Two birthdays?

The Queen’s Pets

The queen’s pet dogs are not enough, so she owns all the swans and dolphins off the coast of the United Kingdom. In addition, all sharks in the UK are reported to belong to the Queen. However, this ownership is simply designed to reflect her dignity.

Favorite drink

The Queen’s cousin Margaret Rhodes once published a magazine about the Queen’s use of champagne and wine. According to her, the queen drinks gin with a slice of lemon and a bunch of ice cubes before lunch and drinks wine with lunch. In addition, she drinks wine with a glass of champagne in the evening. This habit may be one of the secrets that many ask about her health and longevity.

Strange signals

She also uses her wallet to give various signals to her staff. Queen Elizabeth is often seen with something like her handbag or wallet that she does not just use to carry her luggage. It is also used to signal to her staff members. For example, if she puts her handbag on the table, it indicates that she is leaving in about five minutes.

A personal poet?

She has a personal poet. The Queen has an official “Poet Laureate”. It is an honorary title bestowed by the King or Queen of Great Britain. Carol Dun Duffy was first appointed to the post in 2009, and is responsible for composing poetry for the Queen or other members of the Royal Family as well as for special occasions in the Royal Family. She wrote poetry for events such as the wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate and the 60th anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth.


During her reign she has sat in more than 129 paintings. She has appeared in paintings at various times during her long reign and has created a number of her paintings by world-renowned artists.

The example set by the Queen after taxes

The queen is exempt from all taxes but she is reported to have volunteered to pay the taxes. In a country like Sri Lanka where many people use various tactics to avoid paying taxes, her voluntary payment of taxes is a laudable act.

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